Lights Fantastic 2017

Fireside Cheer

Season of Giving

While Nature Sleeps
We Dream

Nature Reflects
a Greater Glory

Our Hope Springs
from Modest Beginnings

Serving God's People

Sharing the Spirit

Seeking the Faith

Seeking the Faith

In SEEKING THE FAITH we commit ourselves to:
» Celebrating God’s love with joyful and dynamic worship
» Opening ourselves to God’s Spirit each day and in new ways
» Encountering God by praying for ourselves and others
» Wrestling with issues of faith, avoiding both simplistic answers and rigid theologies
» Responding to God’s call with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love

Sharing the Spirit

In SHARING THE SPIRIT we commit ourselves to:
» Proclaiming the Good News that in life and in death we belong to God
» Anticipating and meeting the needs of all who enter
» Finding and nurturing God’s gifts in others
» Forgiving ourselves and others for things done and for things left undone
» Encouraging, supporting, and rejoicing with our church family
(Approved and adopted November 2006)

Serving God’s People

In SERVING GOD’S PEOPLE we commit ourselves to:
» Giving generously out of our abundance of time, talent, and treasure to support God’s work
» Protecting God’s earth so that all life can flourish
» Following Christ’s example by caring for the needs of our community, our nation, and our world
» Reconciling those who are separated from God and their neighbor
» Calling others to join in the mission of Christ’s church




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