Please join us in worship.


The Font and the Table are the two places where the church gathers in sacramental love. Baptism is offered to all those who seek to follow the Lord and join with the community in walking in faith, hope and love. Members of the church may also present their children to receive the sacrament. We believe that the waters of baptism wash us clean and through those waters we are named and claimed by God. For more information about Baptism, please speak with Pastor Janice.

The Lord’s Supper is the meal of remembrance and hope, of love and justice, of peace and unity which we share together. “All those who love the Lord” are invited to share in the feast which our Lord prepares. This sacrament is celebrated approximately once a month, on the days of the church calendar on which it is most appropriate. It is the “joyful feast of the people of God” and we look forward to sharing this joy with those who need to know the grace and love of God in their lives.


It has been said ‘The one who sings, prays twice.’ Here, we sing in choir and ensembles, play handbells, and share the musical offerings of our hearts. The choir’s place in worship is to help the congregation give their best worship efforts to God. Our musicians all help point our worship to the Divine. The Handbell choir is on leave while looking for a new Director. The Adult Choir meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Carlyn Zimmermann, our Music Director, conducts this choir and arranges for the special music offerings of congregational members and friends. For more information about our music programs, please contact Carlyn Zimmermann.


We believe that children belong in worship. We know that one of the surest ways for our children to grow into faithful worshipers is for them to be present with us in worship – learning with us and from us (and occasionally teaching us) what it means to worship and praise our God. We recognize that this can be a challenge for families, but the church seeks to fully support families in this most important learning process. Every Sunday worship offers a special “Children’s Time” – a particular time within our worship service for our children to gather together for a special encounter with God which is led by church members and the pastor. Following that, preschool age children and younger can leave for an enrichment time. Children in Kindergarten are encouraged to begin staying in worship. Sometimes they need to excuse themselves to the enrichment time. Those in first grade and older become full participants in worship. There are worship bags provided for this age.


“The intention of Christian worship
is to develop what someone has called “imaginative vision.”
That vision enables us to see the world as one might see it
looking through God’s eyes – not as the world ordinarily presents itself,
but as God intends it to be.”
Christian Worship: Glorifying and Enjoying God.
Ronald P. Byars, Professor Emeritus of Preaching and Worship

We gather every Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. for worship. We celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper approximately once a month. We use the pipe organ, piano and other instruments to aid us in our worship of God. Lay readers and liturgists (worship assistants) join the pastor in worship leadership. Choirs (adult vocal, handbells, special musicians and small ensembles) point us toward God with musical offerings that span the centuries and the continents. From time to time, dramatic offerings are a part of our worship. There are a variety of worship services during the year which are at days and times other than Sunday morning. Some of these are in our traditional worship space, while others make use of other areas of our church building. Child care for infants and toddlers is available.

We seek to offer a genuine encounter with the Holy every time we gather in worship. We look forward to God’s Holy Spirit being present with us. We hope that this same Spirit will sweep us away in service and mission. We meet Christ at the Table and Font and are encouraged to share the Waters of Life and the Bread & Cup of Salvation with all who seek the Lord. We want everyone who worships with us to know the love of God. We order our worship in such a way that we are constantly reminded that our worship of God is more about what we give to God than what we get out of our time together.

If this is the type of community you seek, we invite to come and experience God with us.