Friends: This week, First Presbyterian, Marion is hosting some outside speakers on the topic of racial reconciliation. They will make 2 presentations that are open to anyone – one Wednesday at 10 am and Thursday at 7 pm. I would encourage anyone who can to attend what promises to be a very informative event. Here is the event description:

DOOR Hollywood ( Directors Matthew Schmitt and Marvin Wadlow Jr. presenting in Marion, IL.

Jesus says the most important commandments are to Love God and Love our Neighbors. At DOOR Hollywood, we believe that racial reconciliation is critical and urgently needs attention as a form of learning how to practice redemptive love of neighbors.

What makes this country great is our potential to truly create tables of reconciliation amidst diversity. The question is, do we have the courage to come to those tables with love and an earnest attempt to listen? This conversation is not intended to be Anti-White-People, but it is against the assumption that Anglos are better than everyone else.

How is racism connected to homelessness, joblessness, poverty, and human suffering, and what do these issues have to teach us about our failures to love our neighbors?

Come and join us.