Small Groups

There are a wide variety of groups offered by the church for those interested in a range of topics and activities. Like-minded members and friends of the church enjoy the fellowship that these groups afford, while participating in a range of enjoyable activities. You are most welcome to visit and join any of them! Contact the Small Groups Ministry at

Christians in Motion

The vision for this group is to build relationships with others while engaging in a variety of activities such as bird watching, canoeing, bicycle riding, hiking, neighborhood litter cleanup, etc… Anyone who likes the great outdoors is welcome. Some activities are less strenuous than others. Bring your mud shoes any Sunday morning and pick up littler around the church. Previous activities include a wildflower hike at Rocky Bluff Trail at Devil’s Kitchen Lake; Eagle Watch at Crab Orchard Lake; guided canoe ride on the Cache River, and a bike ride on the Tunnel Hill State Trail.

Fair Ladies of Faith

This small group is open to all women. After the group is formed, membership is closed until the next fall so that each member may form closer bonds with the other women in the group. Fair Ladies meets monthly, for study, prayer and fellowship.  Meetings are held at the home of Phyllis Beck.

In My Garden

A new small group in 2016, this group promotes Christian fellowship in the love and care of God’s earthly creations.  We share in each other’s gardens and learn about the beauty of botanic design.  We gather monthly from April to October at members’ homes to divide and share plants, talk about seasonal garden issues, perhaps help a member with a project, or assist with the church’s garden maintenance.  Beth Malmquist is heading up this group.

Movie Night Group

This group meets at 6 P.M. on the 3rd Friday of each month. Movies are chosen by group suggestion or by Bart and Kitty Trescott. Some, but not all, are chosen because they contain a Christian moral or connection. The evening begins in the church Fellowship Hall for pizza and sides. The group then moves to the movie theater, in the church basement, to watch and discuss the movie. This small group is open to everyone.

Presbyterian Men

Presbyterian men’s group is open to all men. (Women are welcome to attend.) The Presbyterian Men meet at 6 P.M. on the 4th Tuesday of each month, in the conference room of the Big Muddy Apartments, located between Carbondale and Murphysboro, for fellowship and a light supper.  Most meetings feature a speaker. Presentations cover a wide range of fascinating topics. The group collects dollars (“happy bucks” and “sad bucks”) as people tell about good or not so good things that have happened to them recently.  Half of the money collected is donated to Southern Illinois Parkinson Support Group. Rob Jensen heads up this group.

Restaurant Group

This group meets at 5:30 P.M. on the 3rd Thursday of each month, January through November, at various local restaurants. Group members take turns acting as the host(ess) who chooses the restaurant, makes necessary arrangements and takes reservations. This group tends to eat at “middle of the road” to “higher end” restaurants (no fast food places). Occasionally there is a speaker although the main focus is to build relationships among attendees. Everyone who enjoys eating out and paying their own way is welcome. This group has helped support The Good Samaritan House for the last two years and are doing so again. Bill Schwegman heads up this group.

Yarning to Make a Difference

This small group is open to anyone who enjoys knitting or crocheting or wants to learn how to knit or crochet. Members make prayer shawls and baby blankets for church members and newly enrolled infants in the Presbyterian Church Day Care, as well as personal items.
The “Yarners” meet after Christian Enrichment (Sunday School) (about Noon) on the 1st Sunday of each month. During the summer when there is no C.E. they meet after Fellowship Time. Time together starts with a light lunch, then “yarn” until they all go home. Bring your own needles.